What will cause your pipes to freeze?

There are many reasons why your pipes can freeze during winter months:

What Causes Them To Burst?

  1. Water freezes and then expands inside your pipes.
  2. Freezing and expansion of water causes pressure to build up between the ice and the faucet.
  3. As a result of repeated pressure, the pipe eventually bursts.

How To Prevent Freezing.


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If you are currently considering Selling or Letting a property, you will no doubt be exploring local agents and arranging valuations. You will be asking them how much they believe your property is worth, what commission they charge, what experience they have in your area and so on. There's no need to ask where they will advertise your property because we all market properties in the same places right?

Since the launch of Rightmove back in 2000, buyers and tenants have been able to access nearly every single property available in their chosen area with a few clicks. At first Rightmove and Zoopla (FindaProperty at the time) presented a low cost to agents of around £1 per property per month, and estate agents across the country embraced these new lead generators with open arms. Gradually however, agents became dependent on these property portals and soon the related costs began to rise into the hundreds and now thousands of pounds per month.

Now this may seem like bad value for money for estate agents, but consider this. The average price of a property in Molesey for example is over £500,000, let's say a typical high street agent will charge 1.5% to sell your property, a commission of £7500. This agent could sell 1 property per week and still generate a profit, even with the significant cost of the property portals. Sounds like good value for money to us!

However some agents felt this was not the case, and so OnTheMarket.com was formed. Founded by a group of some of the industry's biggest players, this new property portal has been launched to bring prices down for estate agents nationwide and to put a stop to Rightmove and Zoopla's duopoly of online property marketing.

Why should you care about this?

Rightmove and Zoopla state that over 90% of buyers and tenants look for property online first, before going into a local branch and before picking up the phone and calling agents in the area. When your property goes to market, it is essential that this 90% of your target audience can find your property! If your agent does not advertise online you are almost certain to have to wait longer for a buyer/tenant and will most likely not achieve the best possible price.

The majority of agents that have decided to move their properties to OnTheMarket.com to save themselves money have dropped advertising with Zoopla.co.uk, as Rightmove is widely regarded as the most effective property portal. If your agent advertises with OTM instead of Zoopla.co.uk your properties exposure to potential buyers and tenants will be approximately 95% LESS by comparison according to data released by Hitwise.

Your property will have to be listed with OnTheMarket.com for a year compared to 3 weeks on Zoopla to be seen by the same amount of potential buyers or tenants. So while local knowledge, experience, and competitive commission rates are important. They are worth nothing if your agent is not advertising your property correctly. It is in your best interests when searching for an agent to Sell or Let your property, that you make sure they are on both Rightmove and Zoopla first. You will ensure you get maximum exposure helping you to get an offer quickly and achieve the best possible price.

For more information on how to ensure the best marketing for your home, please call us on 0208 396 6717 or email info@newtonhuxley.co.uk

Due to a predicted rise in interest rates later this year, now may be the right time to sell your property.

With our local knowledge of East Molesey, comprenhensive marketing and industry experience you can rest assured that we will not only be able to acheive the best price possible for your home. But our experience will allow us to recommend the right buyer to fit in with your time scales and avoid any complications during the sale process.

Please feel free to request a no obligation FREE valuation of your home. Below are some tips on getting your home prepared for marketing:

  1. First Impressions Count – make sure your property has great curb appeal, Mow lawns, tidy the garden, paint the fence. Some of the simplest jobs can make the biggest difference.
  2. Emphasise Space – ensure the property is clutter free, clear surface including floors and table tops. Close cupboard doors and putaway personal effects. 
  3. Maximise Light – Open curtains, blinds and adjoining doors. Even the most experienced house hunters can be afraid of the dark.
  4. Odours Matter – prior to viewings, open the windows to air the property. Take pets out during the viewing, some of our clients even go as far as baking fresh bread or brewing coffee just before a viewing. It might sound silly but if your house looks and smells good it it going to impress your potential buyer.
  5. Minimise buyer worries – Have you ever viewed a property and noticed a hair line crack in the ceiling? or a loose floor board? Buyers notice these things and whilst the extra skeptical may suspect structural issues, many buyers will use this to negotiate on your asking price so take the time to re-paint and carry out minor repairs before marketing.
  6. Security – We accompany all of our viewings but for your own peace of mind lock away valuables during viewings.
  7. Viewings – be as flexible as possible, and make us aware if there are any times to avoid. We can even block viewings together as busy viewing times create a sense of urgency among potential buyers further increasing the chance of getting the best price possible.
  8. Leave it to us – we are the experts at dealing with potential buyer, avoid showing buyers around yourself. Many house hunters prefer to view without the owner being present. Please dont take it personally! This will also help to gain honest and more detailed feedback furing the viewing.



If you are currently on the market without success or are considering selling or letting your property, please call us on 0208 396 6717 for an informal to discuss how Newton Huxley can help.

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