For those that live locally, you have hopefully noticed the increasing number of our "for sale" and "to let" boards going up over the last two years and more importantly, the high proportion that are being changed to "sold" and "let by". With a business model that focuses on proactivity in selling and letting property, by encouraging a "pick up the phone and sell" culture within our sales and lettings teams, we have experienced exponential growth in East and West Molesey, Claygate, Hinchley Wood, Esher and Walton On Thames, and are proud to report that our list of happy sellers and landlords keeps on growing!

Here is our latest video advert highlighting some of the statistics taken from the past year:

So What About 2017?

Many experts predict either a slow in growth or in some cases (particularly in South West & Central London), a drop in property values. Surrey has always been resilient in turbulent property markets and we fully expect this trend to continue.

As we focus on the South West London buyer that is looking to increase space in search of better value for money than what is offered by the London market, and looking to settle their family here and secure a place in one of Surrey's renowned primary and/or secondary schools, we have noticed that areas such as East Molesey, Hinchley Wood, Claygate, Walton On Thames, Hersham and Esher are still increasing in popularity thus creating a temporary boom within the local market, allowing sellers to hold firm on asking prices and achieve the result they are looking for.

There will inevitably be periods of uncertainty as we progress towards our exit from the EU. This will require some additonal proactivity from estate agents to secure fewer proceedable buyers, but we see no evidence of property values in the local area decreasing, however the chances of property values moving upward are very low.

This is still very good news for those looking to upsize and we would recommend that anyone looking to move this year do so sooner rather than later whilst activity and interest from buyers remains high.

If you are considering moving this year and would like an up to date valuation of your property, please call 0208 396 6717 or complete our valuation request form and a member of our team will contact you to arrange a free, no obligation appointment.


Here's to continued success and another fantastic year ahead!

This is the week of "back to school", of new pencil cases, school uniforms and trips to the barbers. It is also the most popular time to sell for those looking to move before the end of the year.

The past two years have been somewhat unpredictable, we've had a general election, changes in stamp duty bandings, the EU refurendum, and a new Prime Minister. Depending on who you are, these recent events have brought about positive or negaitive news. One thing is for certain, all of the above gives would be buyers an excuse to sit on their hands and to wait and see what everyone else does before deciding whether or not to buy.

It appears now that buyers are ready to come out in force, perhaps this is due to the drop in interest rates to 0.25%, or perhaps those expecting the sky to fall down after the Brexit vote have realised that it's safe to come out of hiding and continue with business as usual.

In the past week we have seen a 466% increase in email enquiries compare to the previous 7 days, and a 75% increase in telephone enquiries specifically relating to properties for sale. All in all a 541% increase in enquiries for our properties in the past 7 days.

For your properties to Buy  Last 28 days   Last 7 days   Previous 7 days   % weekly change

Summary Views

291,043 81,016 50,202 + 61.4%

Detail Views From Summary

9,758 2,701 1,732 + 55.9%

Extra Detail Views

16,096 4,759 2,437 + 95.3%

Total Property Views

316,897 88,476 54,371 + 62.73%

Emails Sent 

33 17 3 + 466.7%

Total Calls

73 21 12 + 75.0%

Total Leads

106 38 15 + 541.7%


This is indisputable evidence that acitivty is increasing and that we are set for a busy September in terms of interest from buyers. If you've been strategically waiting to bring your property to market the end of Summer, it looks like you have made a very good call indeed.

For those that are planning to sell in the post-summer market this year, why not invite us out for a FREE no obligation market appraisal of your home?

Don't forget that our Sole Agency commission rate has been reduced to 0.75% + vat until the 30th of September!

Molesey & Thames Ditton:

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01372 631 622  |


Walton On Thames          

01932 481 338  |

Over the past few years, interest in Molesey as an area for families moving out of London has increased significantly. Mainly driven by price, areas such as Molesey also offer great schools and a more "family paced" lifestyle. 

This is why we work incredibly hard to draw in the attention of these better budget buyers, many of whom have not considered Molesey as an area but are looking in surrounding towns such as Hampton, Thames Ditton, and Esher. Needless to say, they are soon converted to the idea of living in Molesey and as many you know, once you move into Molesey, you tend to stay forever!

So with all of the positives that and area such as East Molesey has to offer, and with recent events such as the change in stamp duty bandings, and the EU refurendum, London is going through a period of uncertainty, but people are still keen to buy. Combine this with a shortage of homes coming to market and you have a recipe for a quick sale at a great price.




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