Protect Pipes From Bursting This Winter

We see more cases than we'd like to of pipes bursting during the winter months. Here's how you can avoid the costly nightmare of pipes bursting in your property this winter.
Published on:
November 23, 2015

What will cause your pipes to freeze?

There are many reasons why your pipes can freeze during winter months:

  • Poor insulation.
  • Exposure due to cracks or gaps (where the pipe enters your home).
  • Pipes located inside cupboards. (Warm air may not reach these pipes if your cupboard doors are usually closed.)

What Causes Them To Burst?

  1. Water freezes and then expands inside your pipes.
  2. Freezing and expansion of water causes pressure to build up between the ice and the faucet.
  3. As a result of repeated pressure, the pipe eventually bursts.

How To Prevent Freezing.

  • Insulation
    Insulate your loft and the sides of your water tanks. Prevent your pipes from bursting by wrapping them in lagging (a foam material that insulates and reinforces them). 
  • Keep out the cold 
    Most modern boilers have frost protection which switched the boiler on if the temperature drops to a level that could cause your pipes to freeze. It is also a good idea to open your loft hatch and any sink cupboards to let in heat.

    In very cold weather, you'll need to leave your heating on a low setting (or set it to come on a couple of times a day), especially if you're going on holiday for longer than a day or two.

  • Check pipes regularly 
    If you're going on holiday, ask someone to check your home at regular intervals to make sure that your pipes haven't burst or frozen.
  • Maintenance
    Make sure to re-washer any dripping taps; if they freeze, they'll block your pipes. If youre a landlord and unfortunate enough to have an empty property during winter months, you may want to consider "draining down" the water system – ask your plumber for more details.
  • Locate your stopcock 
    Make sure you know where your  stopcock is. Check frequently that this can be switched of quickly in an emergency. 


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