Claygate Village

Looking for a home in Claygate? Our co-founder and Managing Director Len Taylor tells us a bit about what it's like to live in this thriving commuter village.
Published on:
March 8, 2021

I can actually tell you, firsthand, what it's like to live in Claygate, because I live here myself, with my wife and two kids. And it's easy to see why it's such a popular place to be. I think it was actually the second or third day after we moved into Claygate, that we were walking with the pushchair, and pretty much every person, that we passed, stopped to say "Hello." That's just something you don't see anymore. And you only have to go down to the parade, on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and you can see the amount of activity within the local shops that there's huge support from local residents. You know, they want to keep this place going, because it's such a great place to be.

Yes, you can still get to London Waterloo in 30 minutes, but that the main thing is the fact that you can come back, to a slower pace. There's plenty of rolling fields, and dog walking routes. And, of course, lots of pubs to choose from, which is probably the most important part. But that mainly it's the, it's the sense of community that that draws people in. And it's the sense of community that keeps people here.


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